Bronswerk Heat Transfer, B.V. - Company in Amersfoort, Nederland - Allbiz
    Bronswerk Heat Transfer, B.V. - Company in Amersfoort, Nederland - Allbiz
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    Bronswerk Heat Transfer, B.V. - Company in Amersfoort, Nederland - Allbiz

    Bronswerk Heat Transfer, B.V., Amersfoort

    Bronswerk Heat Transfer, B.V., Amersfoort
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    Сompany address: Amersfoort, Nederland
    Stationsweg 22, 3862 CG Nijkerk
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    Over bedrijf Bronswerk Heat Transfer, B.V.

    Founding Möring & Steenaart NV In 1939 two employees of the Amersfoortsche Apparatenfabriek decide to start their own company. In 1940 mister ing. J.B. Möring and Mister Th. J. Steenaart start the company Möring & Steenaart NV. They set up the company in Nijkerk and focus on building thermic boilers. The official start of M&S is on 1st of July 1940, the Second World War is now also a fact for the Netherlands. Especially in the first period, but also when the second world war continues, they have to deal with many difficulties. Important player BAN Nijkerk is growing steadily; in 1971 the company has 275 people on the pay roll. In that year mister A. De Jonge joins to strengthen the management. The company is becoming an important player on national and international markets. The future Now, at seventy years after the foundation, the company operates worldwide and takes up the challenge of every difficult assignment. The company now has 150 employees on the payroll. The design department is relatively large and the academic level is high. Through the years we have build up a large amount of experience and knowledge and know-how. We are happy to share this with our customers. One of the specializations is that we like to come up with innovative solutions, designs and produce these for our customers. This way we make heat exchangers and air cooled coolers, that can function optimally under extreme process conditions. We always aim at supplying complete systems.
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